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    Sept. 17, 2019, 12:01 p.m.

    Hello I'm new on this forum,
    I've try inkut with the Cameo2, and it works fine, that is why i get a graphtec CELITE-50 because it is the same builders and they looks so similar, the graphtec is just bigger!
    Now I want to try it with Inkcut under Mint OS.
    Here I'm right at the first step, how to get my device visible in the list of serial port...!
    In the software on the setup device on tab "Connection" i've choose serial port, and i can see my printer and my mobile phone, but it do not see my cutter device!
    Then my question is: how to force visibility and then try to send to it!

    I'm ready to give you feedback about this equipment and do some test even with my low skill in code and dev...

    Thanks a lot to be on the libre side of the world! ;-)